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20th May, 2008

karl urban

My own livejournal icons


They're not the best... but here they are, some examples:

Miley Cirus (3)
Johnny Depp (3)
Tom Kaulitz (5)
Jennifer Garner (3)
Adriana Lima (5)

Now... if anyone is interested... well, i would like to open a contest. In this contest the point is making livejournal icons (100x100) or avatars, as you like to call it, using the pictures i give to you. This contest will be open until i say so. And - very important - remember that this journal is public, and i want respect.

Today's contest pictures are from Reese Witherspoon:


Thank you! ^_^

15th May, 2008

karl urban

Welcome... ups! =P


I'm Ana and i'm new here. I was looking for livejournal icons when i found some amazing communities and decided to register. So, here i am, making my first post. I'm just glad to be part of something new.
Would love to have some friends, and someday i'll creat my own community. ^_~

Thanks and my love for everyone!

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