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2nd Aug, 2011

karl urban

Random Graphics

Hello everyone.
Here are some Emma Watson icons and other graphics i want to share with you.
If you want to take some just credit me, Hermyana.
Thanks. =D

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket




8th Jul, 2011

karl urban

Random Graphics

Hey everyone, again.
Beyond the previous, here are some random graphics.
Enjoy and credit hermyana, if using them
Thank you!



karl urban

9 Random Icons

Hello everyone.
It's been a while since i posted something here.
But, i have some new icons and i thought it was good to post them here for everyone to see and take, if you want.
They're nine icons of male actors, my favourite nine actors.
Enjoy! =)

10th Jun, 2010

karl urban

15 Ben Barnes Icons

Hello everyone.
I made more 15 icons starring Ben Barnes.
These are quite different.
I hope you like them.


Grab as many as you want.
Credit @hermyana
And enjoy!! ;)

4th May, 2010

karl urban

Random Graphics

These are random graphics. You may use if you want.
To see the bigger graphics entirely, just click on them.
Comments are love.
Credit @hermyana





3rd May, 2010

karl urban

45 Ben Barnes Icons by me


Comments are love!
Credit me please - @hermyana

15th Aug, 2009

karl urban

Several new graphics

Hello everyone.
I have a lot of new graphics i've made and here they are:

100X100 ICONS

Robert Downey Jr

Sandra Bullock and Katherine Heigl


Emma Watson


Rachel Weisz

Sandra Bullock

Gwyneth Paltrow


Australia movie

Rachel Weisz

Robert Downey Jr

Enjoy!!! And comment!! =D

7th May, 2009

hermyana, julianne moore

Lucy Liu Icons

Hello again! ^.^

Just made some Lucy Liu icons and decided to share them with you.
Hope you like them. =D

If you decide to use them, please credit me: hermyana

5th May, 2009

karl urban

Some new icons

Hey there!

It's been for a long, long time since i posted an entry here.
Sorry that the old entries are not working anymore.

Anyway i have several new icons i made myself, using GIMP.
You're free to use them, but be sure to credit me, otherwise i'll hunt you down! ^.^
To credit me, just post this whenever you want: credits @ hermyana

Enjoy! ^^

Shia LaBeouf



Random Icons

Stock Icons

20th May, 2008

karl urban

Josh Hartnett icons

Here some icons for Josh Hartnett. He's really great:


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